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Claim Pro’s Boynton Beach insurance appraisers, investigators, and litigation experts provide services throughout the State of Florida, including Insurable Value Appraisals, Replacement Cost Analysis, Business Loss Income, Extra Expense and Loss Evaluations.

Our Boynton Beach insurance appraisers, investigators, and litigation team specializes in quantifying damage assessments. We can charge our fees based on a flat rate or an affordable hourly rate plus travel expenses over $100.00.
Our experienced public insurance adjusters and appraisers have processed insurance damage assessments for all types of structures including commercial properties, large manufacturing plants, condominium associations, small hotels and apartment complexes.

We can also assist with personal property evaluations for all types of manufacturing and production machinery, office furnishings, hotel and apartment furnishings, professional office and retail furnishings, computers, and office machines.

Claim Pros is a well-respected public insurance adjusting and appraisal organization with our corporate headquarters based in Boynton Beach, Florida.

Claim Pro’s specialized Boynton Beach insurance investigators and appraisers provide services for both businesses and individual homeowners.

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