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When your home suffers a natural disaster, vandalism, or a flood in Marco Island, FL, the first thing you’ll want to do is repair the damage. Devastation is frustrating for all families, primarily because the home represents a haven for rejuvenation, safety, and peace. When that safe place is torn apart by wind, rain, storms, or fires, it can be difficult to know where to start. If a disaster has happened to you, rest at ease knowing that the professionals at ClaimPros are available. Our goal is to help South Florida residents manage an unfortunate situation in a more manageable way. Some of our services include:

  • Assessing the damage 
  • Documenting the damage 
  • Taking images of the damage 
  • Building a strong case 
  • Filing paperwork  
  • Insurance negotiations 
  • Maximum Settlements  
  • & much more 

It’s always enticing as a homeowner in Marco Island, FL to file a claim on your own. At ClaimPros, we know how tempting it can be. However, what many homeowners don’t know is that filing a claim on your own isn’t always the wisest. There are many terms, steps, and conversations that need to be carried out correctly in order to receive a settlement amount. In fact, many homeowners don’t even see financial assistance! Insurance companies make it very difficult to file a claim, file it correctly, and make it to the finish line.  

If you’re ready to start your claims process, reach out to our team of public adjusters today. ClaimPros has what it takes to ensure that you walk away with enough money to rebuild and repair your damaged home. We have 30 years of experience, and we’re familiar with residential and commercial properties. At ClaimPros, there’s not a single job that is too big, nor one too small. If you’re suffering from property damage in Marco Island, FL, it’s time to get the compensation you rightfully deserve.

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