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Being through a hurricane is a devastating experience. Sure, it’s not like an earthquake where you have no idea that it’s coming, and you have no chance to prepare, but the aftermath can be just as fatal and horrific. As South Floridians, we know that hurricanes come with the territory, but we never quite get used to the devastation that it leaves behind. Many of us are far too familiar with recovery and rebuilding. Having your house in such a vulnerable state is no easy thing to go through. From hurricane Andrew and Wilma to most recently Irma and Michael, Florida residents have been forced to deal with the aftereffects. At ClaimPros, we know what a stressful and emotional time this is for you and your family, which is why our Naples, FL public adjusters want to help you file a claim for water damage that will ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

The worst thing one can confront after going through a hurricane is having to pay for the damages and the restoration process out of pocket. It’s not fair. Whether you have Mother Nature to thank for your water damage, or a leaking pipe or overflowing toilet, you should know that no matter the circumstance, there’s a team that can help you. At times, insurance companies are dead set against paying you the compensation you rightfully deserve. They go out of their way to invalidate or degrade your claim. What do you do then? Who can help you in a moment like this?

ClaimPros has been working for years to provide top-notch independent insurance claim appraisals in Naples, FL. Our public adjusters are there to advocate for you when you’re struggling with water damage in either your residential or commercial property. Our expert team has accumulated knowledge and experience from handling negotiations with a plethora of insurance providers that refuse to give their clients the fair settlement.

There’s no need for you to worry, we will handle the entire process. First, we will begin by chatting with the client and gaining a clear understanding of the case being presented to us. Then, we will make sure we’ve collected all relevant evidence, which will help strengthen your claim. Our professionals will handle paperwork and negotiations, so you can focus on other things. We can help with both, commercial and residential property claims.

For instance, our residential services, include bid comparison and analysis, itemized contents inventory, replacement value v. restoration, preparation and filing proof of loss and much more. If your property has sustained water damage, and you need an independent insurance claim appraisal in Naples from the public adjusters at ClaimPros, contact us today at (561) 425-7302. You can see our quality of service, by our customer’s wonderful reviews.

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