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If your property has been damaged or destroyed, you’re likely going through a stressful and emotional time. When destructive forces such as natural disasters, accidents, or vandalism cause damage to your home or business, you can face disruption, turmoil, and emotional stress. Even if your property is insured, the mandatory obligations and conditions of a property insurance contract can be complicated and hard to interpret, and may not cover everything you thought it would. The requirements and stipulations found in the fine print of your policy can result in your claim being denied or greatly limited.

The Palm Beach Gardens public adjusters at ClaimPros have extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with property insurance claims in the Southeast Florida area, and we are committed to helping homeowners and businesses here with appraisals, litigation, and other details involved with property insurance policies and claims. Our team of licensed Palm Beach Gardens public adjusters can assess property damage, document the details of property loss, and help property owners settle their claims fairly. Our experts have our clients’ interests in mind when representing their claims, and we prepare and submit claims directly to the insurance companies. With our Southeast Florida and Palm Beach Gardens public adjusters and insurance claim company, you can rest easy knowing you’ll receive a settlement that’s timely and fair. For expert services for residential or commercial property damage claims, contact ClaimPros today.

Residential Claims

During a residential property insurance claim, a complexity of circumstances are created.

Commercial Claims

Business insurance claims present difficult choices to the insured/business owner.

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For all types of insurance appraisals, trust our Palm Beach Gardens public adjusters and appraisers.

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“Easy to work with, communicated well during the entire process and in the end, made the insurance company accountable to cover 100% of the actual damages (less deductible) instead of their initial offering that would only get 25% of the repairs done. I would highly recommend them!”

 – Michael Messineo

“Excellent service! After I had tried to deal with my own insurance company, they tried to settle with a fraction of what Daniel Alzate from Claim Pros was able to get for me. So happy I called Claim Pros! Insurance companies are not easy to deal with, especially after a natural disaster… Thank you Daniel for your professionalism and promptness!”

– Ann Brownlee

“Excellent service and most important quality and honest work with many years of experience. Collin did a phenomenal job every step on the way with a friendly and mindful approach about my needs. Thank you!!!!”

– Michael Campos

“I’m so glad I had these guys in my corner. I’m no expert when it comes to damage. I truly feel they got me the fairist payout from my INS CO, we had just enough to cover all the damage after Hurricane Irma, even after their fee.”

– Nick Fisher

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