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Chances are you used the services of several professionals when you purchased your home in Parkland, Florida. You likely used a realtor, an attorney, an appraiser, a title company and a loan processor. You should also hire a professional to help process your claim if your home is damaged by water, fire, or vandals. 

Repairing water or smoke damage can be expensive and time-consuming, especially if you have to file an insurance claim. Communicating with your insurance company can feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle all alone.  

Luckily, Parkland Claims Adjusters at ClaimPros are here to help. Our licensed professionals advocate on your behalf to your insurance provider so a fair and timely settlement can be reached between both parties.  

ClaimPros professionals can assist with:    

  • Professional Assessments  
  • Managing claims 
  • Licensed Professionals  
  • Accurate Building Damage Assessment 
  • Accurate Residential Damage Assessment  
  • & More 

Our experts are thorough in documenting the damage to your home and property. We work to maximize your property damage claim every time. With ClaimPros assistance, you can rest assured that your claim is given the attention it requires.  If you need help negotiating with your insurance company because of leak, wind damage, or mold contact us. ClaimPros has experience working on a variety of different claims and we’re ready to help you.

ClaimPros has handled many cases and feels confident that no matter the size or severity, our team is ready to take it on. Hiring a private insurance adjuster is the best way to make sure that every claim is handled with care and precision.  We can also help if you have a claim that’s been denied or underpaid. We work for you, not your insurance company. If you’re ready to received unparalleled customer service from a claims adjuster in Parkland, contact ClaimPros today!

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