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Your home is a big investment and when damage occurs it can be very frustrating. Before calling your insurance company speaking with a public adjuster is a good idea. At ClaimPros our licensed, professional public adjusters can help with your home insurance claims in Wellington. It’s important to get the professionals involved as early as possible so we can provide the most help throughout your case. We’ll help with making sure your claim is filed correctly to ensure that the compensation you deserve is paid out. Anytime you need a public adjuster in Wellington contact our team at ClaimPros.

When should I call a public adjuster?

When is the right time to call a public adjuster about a potential claim? Many homeowners are unsure if they need to file a claim and speak to a public adjuster about doing so. At ClaimPros, we can help you determine if you have a claim you should pursue. Our independent insurance claims experts in Wellington provide case evaluations to look at the damages to your home and decide if you should file a claim. You might want to talk with a public adjuster in these instances:

  • You don’t have time to deal with your insurance company 
  • You don’t fully understand your policy  
  • Your damage is extensive  
  • Your claim has been denied by your insurance company  
  • Your insurance company is trying to get a quick settlement  

It can be a challenge to deal with your insurance company after you’ve had damage to your home. Without the help from an experienced public adjuster you risk having your claim underpaid or denied completely. The insurance company often will try to get you to settle quickly and many times it can be for less than what you deserve. Working with our public adjusters in Wellington will prevent you from getting an underpaid claim. ClaimPros has the experience and expertise to help you get your claim filed properly and for the full amount you deserve.  

How can I get started on my claim?

If you need to learn about your options for filing a claim our team at ClaimPros can help. We have a team of professionals who will fight for you throughout your claims process. Don’t let the insurance company tell you how much you deserve for your claim. Make sure you have a public adjuster working for you to ensure your claim is for the amount you deserve. Call ClaimPros today to talk with our Wellington public adjusters about your claims process.

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